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Massage Therapy St Louis, MO
6614 Clayton Rd #342
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Assessment based approach integrating massage and manual therapy treatments specific to the needs of each client to achieve your goal of wellness. Your wellness is our goal
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Approaching Your Needs
We believe that no single modality or approach has all the answers. For Relaxation and Stress, Myofascial and Swedish treatment can be good  for general body tension. A person with pain and joint restriction might benefit more from Deep Tissue & Myofascial Release, MET (muscle energy technique) neuromuscular work, Trigger Point or active movement interventions. And properly applied, these techniques usually feel good and allow for relaxation
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We Listen to you
You know what you are feeling in your body better than anyone else. We are here to listen to what you tell us and make an assessment based on your input as well as a  postural evaluation to determine suitable treatment and address your concerns. We schedule in extra time to do that with every session

Therapist with experience and knowledge working with pain related conditions
That is what you get when you come to us for your therapeutic needs. If your needs require more than we can provide, we will recommend you consult with other care providers.

Pain Relief
Constant or reoccurring pain? This is often the result of office and posture related repetitive strain injury or old traumatic injuries that were never properly addressed. We can treat many repetitive strain injury issues from shoulder, neck, feet, hip restrictions and trigger points to tension headaches. We can also help you with posture corrections and self help strategies

Restore Range Of Motion
Having trouble reaching your hand/arm above your shoulder, or behind your neck or back? Are you still lacking in range of motion after completing physical therapy and would like to have some or all of it back? We have strategies and treatments that can help

Stress Relief
Work and Life are stressful! You need skillful specialized treatment for stress relief. We can work on your neck, back, feet, hips, head, hands, arms & shoulders to release stress, and relieve headaches. And we can do it in a relaxing way that you can appreciate

Fulfilling Your Needs
If you need therapeutic massage, pain management, or relaxation massage, you know you are getting a massage therapist with experience who loves their work, and genuinely cares about your well being. We listen to you!

Spot work' available for chronic issues
For chronic issues that require regular treatment for an extended period of time such as shoulder restriction, foot pain,  we offer 30 minute spot work sessions to make regular treatment affordable
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