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Bert Davich received basic massage therapy education at the Healing Arts Center completing 600 hours of instruction and practice including 100 hours of Shiatsu training in eastern massage practice. Bert holds the education he received at the Healing Arts Center in the highest regard and is eternally grateful for the educational and spiritual guidance of Tom Tessereau and the entire staff which has enhanced his ability to be 'present' with each person he works with. Bert currently practices in the Healing Arts Center professional clinic and is available there by appointment on most days except Sunday when he is not teaching
Healing Arts Center
St Louis, MO
Since his initial training at The Healing Arts Center, Bert has studied, trained, and practiced advanced application of Clinical Massage Therapy, Deep Tissue & Myofascial Release, MET (Muscle Energy Technique),Trigger Point.

His focus of study has been with pain, restrictions of range of motion, and assessment. In addition to continuing education credit courses, Bert has devoted thousands of hours studying and applying various methods of manual therapy, trade journals and works from other educators as well as research articles

Dedicated to adding new layers of knowledge, Bert's educational process continues to expand.
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