Massage Therapy St Louis MO

Massage is performed fully clothed unless otherwise requested in advance. Retreatant's usually pay for their own massage time. Retreat sponsor can option to provide this service. We provide Chair and table Massage (room permitting) as some retreatant's may be unable to sit comfortably in the chair due to a physical disability or simply prefer receiving massage on the table (as we do). Retreatant's are notified  ahead of the retreat to determine if there is a sufficient number who would like massage. A sign up sheet is circulated and any time slots not taken can be filled the morning the Therapist arrives. Massages are usually for 30 minutes and can be scheduled for a longer time period. Additionally, standard 60 or 90 minute table massages in retreatant's room can be arranged by special appointment if the Retreat Sponsor permits.
Religious Retreat Massage
Service for Religious Retreat's
We have had great success with Religious Retreat events bringing happiness to many Retreatant's who look forward to another massage at their next retreat!

Massage Therapy St Louis, MO
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