Massage Therapy St Louis MO

Corporate Wellness Plans*
Weekly Or Biweekly
$60 to $90 per hour depending on the event and format
Corporate Massage
*We have years of experience in corporate and event massage in many venues
*Massage is performed fully clothed. Chair and Table massage are available.

*Massage Time and Scheduling options are tailored for your business

*Most popular format is 15 minute slots with 5 min between, treating 3 employees each 60 minutes

*Payment choices: Employer Paid; Employee Paid; Employer-Employee Shared cost options
Massage Therapy St Louis, MO
6614 Clayton Rd #342
St Louis, MO 63117
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Why Choose US for Corporate Massage?
*We can treat specific repetitive strain injury common to people working in an
    office environment with evidence based clinical manual therapy.

*Carpal tunnel symptoms, shoulder, back & neck pain, Range of
    motion issues resulting from soft tissue restrictions & inhibitions
*Fully clothed Table work sessions. We can perform therapy while
   you are fully clothed on a massage table as well as a chair

Myofascial Massage
Corporate Massage
*General Relaxation for muscle tension