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By Pam... February 2010
Thank you for getting my right shoulder area down to a "Zero" pain level again!
I have fought with this for the last six years and never got lower than a four on the pain scale. You can't realize what a relief that is!......
No "Trigger Injections" this month!.....

By Sarah... January 2010
Hi Bert,
I saw an internal medicine doctor back in the summer of 2009 complaining of terrible neck pain and upper back pain.  I was getting spasms in neck regularly making work and everyday tasks very difficult.  He prescribed me to see a physical therapist.  I did that for about 4 weeks, twice a week.  I did exercises at the visits and on my own and also received some brief massage work during the visits.  It helped somewhat, but didn't correct the problem.

After doing some research on my own and talking with my sister in law who is a physical therapist.  I determined I needed a massage therapist who could do Myofascial release technique.  Again, I went to Google and searched just that and fortunately, your name popped up.  As you know, I saw you for an hour massage in September 2009 and then again in December 2009.  After the September visit, I was amazed at the difference.  I have been almost pain free in my neck.  I still have the occasional knots in my upper back, but now recognize what they are and get them worked out before they become a problem.  I plan to continue to see you for regular maintenance‚Ķnot to mention relaxation.  I am very pleased with the results and have recommended you and this technique to many.
Thanks again, and I'll be in to see you soon.

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