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Massage Benefits & Fulfills the Needs of the Aging

Tactile needs do not seem to change with aging, if anything they seem to increase. Yet this is where we fail the elderly quite miserably.

Aging people desire to be understood, respected, and treated worthy of the love they have bestowed on others, not patronized or tolerated. Because we are often unwilling to face the reality of aging, we behave as if it is not there. This denial is the primary reason why we fail to understand the needs of the Elderly.

The most important and most neglected of their needs is the need for tactile stimulation. Aging people are often lacking in mobility and have impaired vision, hearing, and muscular control issues that leave them feeling helpless and vulnerable. Through the emotional involvement of touch, it is possible to reach through that isolation and and communicate trust, affection, warmth, and love.

Therapeutic touch is an act of communication, not a procedure. Touch and physical closeness cannot be replaced in communication with the aged, and acutely ill that they are important and others care for them.

Physical Benefits Of Massage
Improved Circulation
Massage is known to improve circulation, which is particularly beneficial to those with limited mobility who often experience poor circulation to the extremities such as their feet and legs. It also stimulates lymph system circulation which depends on body movement to pump, which is necessary for the body's natural immune system to function properly. Improved circulation benefits many other conditions common to the aged.

Aches & pains caused by immobility
Chronic pain
Muscle & joint stiffness
Stress induced muscular tightness
skin breakdown
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