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Massage Therapy St Louis, MO
6614 Clayton Rd #342
St Louis, MO 63117
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Myofascial Massage
* Quality Massage Home Visit service. Advanced Therapeutic Massage & Manual Therapy for orthopedic conditions as well as  Relaxation Massage

* Experienced working with post surgery clients, chronic pain, range of motion issues and geriatric clients

* Good option for anyone who is non ambulatory, has mobility issues or has difficulty traveling

* If you just want the comfort and convenience of receiving a massage  in your own home & not having to drive right after a massage that has left you feeling very relaxed
Corporate Massage
Massage Home Visit Rates:
$100 per hour
Travel Fee $25 to $50 depending on location and time

Rates apply to Central St Louis and most of the St Louis area
extraordinary travel time or logistics may incur an additional negotiated fee
Final rates determined by the therapist