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Your foot has 3 arches upon which your entire body weight is supported. Additionally, muscles and tendons that originate in the  leg as high as above the knee play a role in foot & ankle movement. The Retinaculum, which consists of several 'flat' ligamentous bands around the ankle hold these muscles & tendons in place. A restricted Retinaculum can place pressure on the muscles and tendons that pass beneath it, causing restriction, pain or numbness, and a change of 'gait' from a walk to a limp. A constriction, sprain, strain or improper posture can also cause a change of gait limp which will then effect everything in the 'chain' above the foot. Some 'limps' are slight and after a period of time are not even noticed. Only the pain that appears in other places caused by the imbalance is noticed. Foot problems can result in pain, constriction and joint restriction in the leg, knee, hip, low back, and higher, following the 'chain' as each 'link' in the chain affects the next over time.
Everything Begins In Your Feet
Treating Foot related issues using manipulation techniques from Deep Tissue & Myofascial Release, Reflexology, & Muscle Energy Technique
In our experience Multiple Sclerosis sufferers often have ankle movement restrictions and spasms that cause difficulty walking. Increasing the ability to dorsiflex has been of great benefit in improving movement and walking ability for some clients. Constriction and spasms often occur in the Extensor digitorum longus and Extensor hallucis longus when dorsiflexing the foot. Specific work to release the dorsi flexors, plantar flexors, and any other fascia restricting movement contributes to a quality of life improvement for a period of time for clients with Multiple Sclerosis
"Dorsiflex".......... lift the foot up toward the head by bending the ankle
"Plantar Flex"....... move the toes down by bending the ankle
"Inversion".......... bend the foot medial or 'inward' by bending the ankle
"Eversion"........... bend the foot lateral or 'outward' by bending the ankle

Multiple Sclerosis Massage: Importance Of Foot Work
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