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Chair Massage & Special Events
Chair Massage is a popular hit at private parties and special events. Your guests will feel pampered and appreciate your hosting style. Chair massage will make your event the one that everyone talks about and remembers. Perfect for Wedding parties, bachelorette parties, birthdays and special events.
Athletic and Charity Events Are Massage Friendly!
St Louis Local Events... $60 to $80 per hour
Call or email with event details for price

Convention Center and Downtown City Of St Louis Hotels & Conventions
$90 per hour with a 4 hour minimum plus parking fees
(additional cost due to logistical aspects of conventions and parking policies of downtown hotels)
Chair Massage Rates*
*Extraordinary expenses or travel time will incur an additional negotiated charge
Massage Therapy St Louis, MO
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Athletic Competition Sponsors interested in providing therapeutic massage services for your athletes.
Please contact Bert Davich to discuss logistical arrangements for your event
Phone: 314-856-8992
Golf, Track, Tennis, Dance Festivals or other Athletic events
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We have provided  clothed table massage services for numerous charity sponsored athletic events including the "MS-150" bicycle event sponsored by the Multiple Sclerosis Society and the "Run for Diabetes" event.

Participants in these events appreciate the availability of sports massage & bodywork at the event.

The usual arrangement is that we bring TABLES as well as CHAIRS as these events take a toll on the legs and low back of the participants making a table desired over seated massage

Participants may pay for their own time or Sponsors who wish may cover the cost for the participants
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